101 Word Story – Love in Jersey

Janet Reid held a contest on her blog: 101-word story using the words RaggedyAnn, double agent, Jersey, coffee, and Razzmatazz. Didn’t win, but I had a blast with the challenge. Here’s what I did with it:

Love in Jersey
She waddles into Starbucks, the word “Love” stretched across her RaggedyAnn butt cheeks like pulled taffy. New Jersey winters are made for coffee and warmth; “Love” is only a byproduct. The barista says good morning to her, the RaggedyAnn says, “Razzmatazz, triple shot, no foam.” She waits for her drink, hikes up her “Love” and catches me staring. Do you want to partake in “Love?” her eyes ask. I hold up my wedding band in reply. I’m no double agent who can juggle both those cheeks and the cold, disinterested ones at home. Disappointed, Love leaves, letting in the cold.