Winner of the “Name Your Pet Clovort” contest

Winner of the “Name Your Pet Clovort” contest

My pet clovort’s name is Squirreljaw. I call him that because he can fit twenty squirrels in his— Um, I mean because he’s cute.

When the “Name Your Pet Clovort” contest ended last night, Squirreljaw was hungry. He’s always hungry. He laughed at all eight entries: Minnie, Kitty, Tinnell, Wilbur, Sylvester, George, Beklin, and Dimeadip.

I let Squirreljaw pick the winner.

I collected eight squirrels from the traps in my backyard, one for each entry. There were actually fifteen (to cover any late entries), but we only needed eight. I wrote one clovort name on the back of each squirrel with a Sharpie, then brought them to Squirreljaw’s shed and let them loose. 

Squirreljaw can be a picky eater. He giggled at Dimeadip for a long time and played Animal Autopsy with Sylvester, but he didn’t eat them. I yelled at Squirreljaw to stop playing with his food. Squirreljaw sighed, picked up Beklin by the tail and gulped down a winner.

And that means Janelle gets the prize! To claim it, tell me where to mail the squirrel’s remains and I’ll send them via UPS Overnight. 

Thanks all for playing! I’ll have a new contest coming up soon.